Rabu, Juni 17, 2009


1. One place will be available in 2009-2010 for a current graduate research student at Oxford University
to undertake a period of study at the Australian National University. It is not normally possible for
exchange students to take part in a graduate coursework programme although this can sometimes be
arranged in exceptional cases. It is expected that students will continue to be registered for a degree at
Oxford during this period and that they will normally have completed at least one year of study prior
to the exchange. Australian nationals will not normally be eligible to apply.

2. The exchange programme is open to students in any subject area.

3. All tuition fees will be waived by the ANU, although students will be required to continue to pay any
fees for which they may be liable at Oxford. Students will be responsible for meeting their own
accommodation and other living costs. In addition, Oxford students will be required to take out
Overseas Student Health Cover at ANU, which for a single student will be approximately A$200 for
one semester. Assistance in finding suitable accommodation will be provided by ANU. A travel grant
may be available to provide economy return travel to Australia, but cannot be guaranteed.

4. It is expected that the exchanges for graduates will begin in either October 2009 or January/February
2010. For research students, the precise starting date would be arranged with the host department at
the ANU. Students would normally spend one semester/two terms at ANU. However, applications
from graduates wishing to spend up to one academic year at ANU will be considered.

5. Applicants should complete the enclosed application form and send it to the International Student
Advisory Services, Examination Schools, 75-81 High Street, Oxford OX1 4BG by Friday 6th
February 2009. They should arrange for the two referees named on the form to send their references
by the same date, and also provide evidence that their college approves of the proposed study away
from Oxford.

6. Applications will be considered by a committee in Oxford and the papers of the nominated
candidates will be forwarded to the ANU by mid-May. The final decision on the acceptance of the
nominated candidates will be made by the ANU.
A copy of the ANU Undergraduate Handbook, the Graduate School Handbook and the Institute of
Arts Handbook may be consulted in the International Office. Up-to-date information on the
University can also be found by accessing the ANU's homepage at http://www.anu.edu.au.

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  1. Anyone interested for a student exchange program? Make a new adventure and learn new things. I'd be very much happy to help you have these all materialized.